How To Combat The Post-Holiday Crash Cold!

Read On For How To Combat The Post-Holiday Crash Cold!

Are you one of the many suffering from the New-Year cold? Did your holiday season wither you down and suppress your immune system? Are you stuck in bed or wrapped in many warm layers indoors, with a runny nose, red eyes, sore throat, and aching body, sniffling away after you just finished making your New Year Resolutions? I completely understand, all that running around, non-thermal party outfits, holiday indulgence and little sleep or rest has now got your body fixed in “Recovery Mode”! Fear not, your cold is just a way for your system to clear out 2014’s toll on your body and prepare for a rejuvenating 2015!

So to help support you, here are my amazing Cold-Combatting restful tips to help you recover quicker and begin enjoying your New Year!

A-woman-suffering-with-a-cold-at-home. People with chronic pain can find the winter months a bit harder, the chill making bones and joints feel extra creaky or the pain more intense. And with a few tweaks to our daily habits, all of us can enjoy a pain-free season of warmth and comfort.

Eat for warmth: Protect against winter’s extra pathogens (viruses and bacteria) that can trigger inflammatory responses. At the first tiny tickle in my throat, I immediately launch into ginger & lemon cleanse mode: Clear soups and broths with extra ginger, ginger and oregano tea all day—basically ginger in or on absolutely everything. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory quercetin keeps mucus thin and fights pain, as well as helping with digestion. Other great warmers: Sea buckthorn tea (also packed with quercetin); extra virgin olive oil and cayenne pepper in soups (as hot as you can have it!); and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in a small glass of water–all warm us from within while fighting bacteria and viruses that trigger inflammatory responses.

Feel for warmth: Steamy baths and showers are great in winter. Not only does the hot water help raise your core temperature to stave off cold-related aches and pains, it turns your bath inhalation treatment! Just add a few drops of eucalyptus to the bath or shower (or steam room at the gym) to keep your sinuses and lungs clear and congestion-free.

Move for warmth: Every part of you—mind, body, and spirit—will hum along more happily if you stay active throughout the winter. If you live in a colder climate, invest in some good winter walking boots, technical fiber gloves, and a comfy hat/scarf and warm coat that will block the chill. Make sure you have reflective patches on your outwear and wear a headlamp before sunrise or after sunset. No excuses to not keep that body moving! It’s for your wellbeing! The seasonal changes and influences on light can also make outdoor exercise a challenge, which can exacerbate seasonal blues. My tip to keep your brain upbeat during the darker months is to expose your face upturned to the noonday sun (from a safe environment away busy areas), every single day (even just for 5 minutes!) so the pineal gland behind your eyes can keep your biorhythms well balanced. Also, feed your body & neurons at least 3 grams of brain-building omega 3s every day as your brain and joints absorb fish oil best, but flax seed oil is great, too, especially for vegetarians.

Rest for warmth: Allowing your body to downshift, release stress, and fully embrace this natural cycle of rest and renewal can counteract the overload that taxes our adrenals and ages us prematurely. Enjoy a hearty weekend breakfast of steel cut oats with manuka honey, dates, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Then scoop a little coconut oil into a cup of hot coffee, grab some slippers or cushy socks and a blanket, and snuggle in for a movie or a book with someone you love. cold I know it can be stressful figuring out which remedy or herbal tea is the best one for you and your symptoms. There are so many options and every one has a different purpose, from soothing your throat to helping you sleep, to just tasting good. Having recently experienced by own post-holiday recovery mode, with the common cold going around I thoroughly recommend the following remedial tea, which will not only clear up your symptoms, it will also protect your internal systems, boost your immune system and get you ready to start 2015! Combine the following in a pan and boil with 2 cups water for 5-10mins. Pour into a cup, wait 2-4mins to cool, then sit back, sip and enjoy, letting all of your distress melt away…

1. Ginger – Anti-viral. Containing nearly a dozen antiviral compounds, it is also pain-relieving, antiseptic, and antioxidant. Helps prevent and treats colds, sore throats, and inflamation of mucus membranes. It also reduces pain and fever and encourages rest.

2. Echinacea (leaves/petals) – Anti-bacterial. Increases levels of properdin, a chemical that activates part of the immune system responsible for increasing defence mechanisms against viral and bacterial attacks.

3. Garlic – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Contains several helpful immune-boosting compounds, including allicin, a potent, natural antibiotic. Best used raw.

4. Sage – Antiseptic, anti-bacterial. Sooths sore throats, promotes good digestion, and helps ease menstrual cramps.

5. Goldenseal – Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Immune stimulating, increasing blood supply to the spleen. The chemical berberine in goldenseal activates white blood cells that destruct bacteria, fungi, viruses, and tumour cells.

6. Peppermint – It is not only a painkiller for headaches and reduces fevers by inducing sweating and cooling of the body, but it helps bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea during bronchitis, colds, and the flu.

7. Blackberry (leaves or fruit) – The fruit is very rich in vitamin C, and the leaves can be used in teas.

8. Cinnamon – Anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal  Helps stop vomiting and relieve nausea, and increases restricted blood flow.

9. Clove – Antiviral, anti-fungal  antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. Helps fight infection and ease pain.

10. Lemon – Another rich source of vitamin C, squeeze some into your tea.

11. Chamomile – Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Natural sedative.

12. Lemongrass – Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal  Relieves digestive ailments and fluid retention, improves blood circulation, and dilates blood vessels.

13. Oregano – A general tonic and immune booster.

14. Rosemary – Antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-parasitic  anti-fungal. Good for the nerves and has a stimulating effect.

15. Tumeric – Antioxidant, anti-imflammatory, anti-fungal  and anticancer. It is a blood purifier, and helps lower blood sugar levels.

16. Elderberries – Antioxidant. Boosts the immune system, improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis

17. Bee Pollen – Immune booster. Preventing infectious diseases such as the cold and flu (it has antibiotic type properties).

18. Manuka Honey – Immune boosting, highly anti-bacterial. Treats ulcers, strep throat, cold sores, skin infections, cuts and abrasions. In addition to this healing and warming tea, ensuring you’re topped up with Vit C, Vit D and Zinc (consult with your physician if you are deficient) for the best way to protect your immune system and recover from your cold, flu, infection or virus.

pressure-cooker-bone-broth-5 A Healing Diet Staple: Bone Broth First and foremost, homemade bone broth is excellent for speeding healing and recuperation from illness. You’ve undoubtedly heard the old adage that chicken soup will help cure a cold, and there’s scientific support for such a statement. Broth or “stock” plays an important role as it’s easily digestible, helps heal the lining of your gut, and contains valuable nutrients. Abnormalities in your immune system are a common outcome and such immune abnormalities can then allow for the development of virtually any degenerative disease. Bone broth has amazing benefits to your body, and in addition to reducing joint pain, inflammation, and promoting healthy joints and bones, it’s phenomenal at healing the gut and protecting your immune system. Even more, it inhibits infection caused by cold and flu viruses, etc.: Research from over a decade ago found that chicken soup indeed has medicinal qualities, significantly stopping infection. Women-Winter-l Remember this time off is important for you to heal, reflect and strengthen your immune system. Don’t try to force the recovery, allow it to take it’s time, and use my tips to catalyse the process in an effective, supporting and nourishing way! Send me your thoughts after you read through. I would love to hear your thoughts and how this has helped you heal and combat your post-holiday crash cold! I look forward to seeing you soon.

All my Best, Manjot 🙂


How To Do Something Better Than A New Year’s Resolution


Read On For How To Free Yourself From Physical Pain & Make 2015 The Year To Change Your Future!
How has 2014 treated you? How did this make you feel? Did your resolutions for 2014 pan out the way you planned? Have you had moments of revolutionary changes or did this year drag on without the changes you wanted? Have you experienced life-changing epiphanies or are you still waiting for ways to make things work for you? Do you desire 2015 to be the year to change your life? Are you excited for the changes ahead? Do your new year resolutions feel too far out from your reach? Will you give up after the 3rd week of January? Do you wish for more support, guidance, help and love to get you to your goals?

If you answered any of these questions with a yearning to make 2015 your year to own, read on for ways to fulfil your resolutions, and even better, to begin living a life that creates abundance in your body, mind and spirit; making your resolutions a piece of cake! Because however 2014 was for you, 2015 will be even better!

We’ve all been there, we reflect on the areas of our lives we wish to improve the most and share the following statements: “This year I’m going to…..This year I promise to…My new years resolution is to…”

And what happens? I know there are a lot of blank faces and memories flashing before you right now as you ask this question to yourself. Year in year out, why do we make these resolutions as a force of habit with the best intentions at heart to fulfil them, yet we struggle to carry through any with much success, or at the first challenge we give up?

So just for you, I have found a better way, a solution to this, and it’s based on a simple yet powerful reinforcement. Before you continue reading, I want you to think about your answer to these questions: What happens when we struggle? What do we tell ourselves when we come across challenges? Why do we feel the way we do, when we “fail” at something we long for?

…We fill ourselves with self-doubt, negativity, overwhelming lethargy, “why bother” thoughts and forget to love & encourage ourselves, we forget to be patient with ourselves, we forget we can only try to be our best. And most of all, we don’t put BACK-UP PLANS into place! The plan that will push up t our goal if our initial motivation doesn’t get us there; the plan that underlines all ultimate plans by supporting us with consistent & confident reminders of the choices we can make, and the results we want.

The back-up plans come from training our brain to adapt to a new way of thinking & the deeper, spiritual part of our being, the part where we can manifest skills that lead to practical changes – therefore using the POWER OF INTENTION is one of the most valuable and important skills we can master!

So here are my favourite new-found tips from Deepak Chopra that I want to share with you on how to be consistent for a whole year to give you a greater chance for success, fitting every lifestyle, belief-system & personality to create and live your envisioned dream goals!

The Four Intentions

I want a joyful, energetic body.
I want a loving, compassionate heart.
I want a restful, alert mind.
I want lightness of being.
As you’ll have noticed, these 4 intentions evolve from your body, through your emotions, to your mind and beyond your spirit; connecting all 4, which encompass our feelings, thoughts, sensations and visions. So just as everyone has a natural flow in their life, these 4 intentions, once put into place can replace the struggles, hard-efforts and resistance to create an easier way of living so we can carry through out new year resolutions with ease & grace!

Here’s a great routine to practice and start inhabiting the power of intention by connecting to your body, emotions, mind and spirit as one. Although this seems hard in theory, these steps will make it simple & effective for you to reach your goals.

Step 1: Create & set your day’s agenda – In the morning, take some time to sit quietly before beginning your day’s activities. This is your valuable time for setting the inner agenda for the day ahead, in a calm & quiet focus. If you already meditate or practice quiet mindfulness, you can add these 4 intentions at the end of your session to add more clarity.

Step : Breathe & connect to your heart – When you’re comfortable & your mind is settled, follow your breath, easily and effortlessly, for five minutes, breathing in and out with your natural breath, not forcing anything. At the end, place your attention on your heart and continue breathing at a quiet and peaceful pace.

Step 3: Repeat the 4 intentions – Repeat, taking a pause between each one to let the intention find its place inside you. You may have different thoughts or responses to each intention as you repeat this, and this is okay as our mind-body connection is fluid. Be easy and calm with any response that comes to you, and return your attention to your breath & heart before saying the next intention.

E.g Quietly say the first intention: I want a joyful, energetic body. Wait a moment to let your attention go to any image, feeling, sensation or thought that arises. Simply notice the response, don’t judge or try to change it, however it is; then put your attention back on your heart and silently say the second intention: I want a loving, compassionate heart and repeat this practice.

The purpose here is to get your attention to loosen up, relax, listen to your body & go where the mind naturally wants to go. If you find that any response feels too strong or causes distress, open your eyes, take a few deep breaths until you feel centered again, then go back to the next intention. Don’t force anything.

Step 4: Quiet settling – When you have finished the four intentions, sit quietly in a settled state for a few minutes. Then get up and go about your day and begin your activities.

Following Up

Simply by saying the intentions and adding this to your daily “Quiet Time” routine, these intentions will enter our minds, so we affect far more change than we realise, by enforcing it with WILLPOWER.

Following up with the practice will enhance your intentions and make YOUR RESOLUTIONS EASIER TO ACHIEVE.

1. Reminders: When you’re confused or in a dilemma remind yourself of the intention that is best suited. i.e – If you’re full from a meal and temptation kicks in, where you find yourself staring at a rich, indulgent dessert, repeat to yourself, “I want a joyful, energetic body.” IT’S THAT SIMPLE. And remember, the choice is ours so do as you wish, order dessert or not, without judgment.

When we remind ourselves of our intentions, over time, this highly valuable step aligns us with our highest intention without stress! Which is why it’s perfect and calming to reach resolutions faster & more effectively!

2. Stress: The opposite of flow is stress. If you’re stressed, the first and most productive thing you can do for yourself is to get out of the stressful situation as quickly as you can. Find a quiet place, take some deep breaths, centre yourself, and repeat your intentions, especially “I want lightness of being.” because you are telling your higher and most powerful self that you don’t want to align yourself with stress, and want to align yourself with peace, calmness & serenity. There’s nothing worse than allowing external struggles to effect our goals, so don’t let it!

3. Reinforcement: The best reinforcement is being aware of your daily journey. At the end of your day, write down the positive things that happened during the day in regards to any intention that you feel is starting to come true. It can be something as simple as someone making you smile at work, enjoying a walk, appreciating natural beauty such as the weather, feeling grateful for your children or partner, or being inspired by a poem or scriptural, sacred passage. These are moments where flow replaced struggle, and you overcome negativity, and reinforce wellness, positivity & wisdom. Acknowledge them, be grateful for them and they will increase.

4. Regrouping & Categorising: The days can be very busy, tiring and demanding. After expending all of your energy, going to sleep allows your brain to reset for the coming day, recharges your body with it’s physical wellbeing and nourishes the peaceful part of your being. Before going to sleep, as you lie in bed, in those moments before sleep comes, be aware of the four intentions. Review body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You can repeat the intentions or simply let your attention go to these four areas in a positive, optimistic mood. Saying something as simple as “thank you” is enough to create a positive shift.

These great intentions throughout this simple & effective program is far more efficient than simply making a resolution. These will take you to the next step with clarity, ease, reinforcement because this connection is what we deeply desire; and in doing so, will shift areas of struggle within you and unite your body, mind and spirit, so you can accomplish far more than your yearly resolution!

Send me your thoughts after you have read through! I would love to hear your thoughts and how this has affected your life, new year resolutions & you!

I look forward to seeing you soon and serving you in 2015!

All my Best & wishing you all a safe, healthy, beautiful & very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Manjot 🙂

If what you have read today resonates with your health & wellness vision and you or anyone you know who would love to have a complimentary discovery consultation with Manjot please and we will arrange this for you.